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"...well-written with a consistent and absorbing narrative..."



Author of Operation 235, amateur historian, and businessman.

Meet the Author

Mike Drogemuller’s career has spanned public policy, corporate communications, consulting, writing, and entrepreneurial endeavours.

He grew up in Canada and moved to New Zealand together with his partner Jan after graduating university. Following a stint as a United Nations intern, Mike started his communications career in Wellington before moving to Australia a few years later. After twenty-two years and now with twin boys, the Drogemullers decided to return to Canada to bring up their young family and look after their elderly parents.

An enthusiastic amateur historian, Mike has studied World War II in detail and has now finally turned his hand to writing fiction on the subject.


Operation 235


"Mike Drogemuller does exceptionally well in this engaging and informative novel ... I recommend 'Operation 235' to all historical fiction fans."

~ K. C. Finn

The premier novel by Mike Drogemuller.

Summer 1939 sees the United States and Nazi Germany competing for control of the world’s purest uranium deposit. It is up to a rookie diplomat, a military attaché, and the future head of the OSS to make the trek deep into the Belgian Congo. There they must navigate the deadly maze of colonial forces, German agents, and the brutal climate to secure the final shipment of uranium before the Nazis steal it in their quest to build the world's first nuclear bomb.

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